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Kids and Firearm Safety Tips Over thirty percent of homes in the US have guns. If you own a firearm and there are kids in your house, it is important to talk to them about the dangers involved, and what they must do when they find a gun. First off, it is critical that the weapon is always kept out of sight and out of reach. The second rule is, keep the gun locked and unloaded, and store the ammunition in a separate place. Play and Guns It is your personal decision whether or not you let your kids play with toy guns, and how you respond when they “shoot” during play. You can ban toys guns in your home, but their friends can still play with them. You need to tell your kids that guns are very dangerous weapons that can harm people or kill them. Tell your children to do three things the moment they come near a gun – stop whatever it is they are doing, walk away and tell an adult. It is crucial that a child actually leaves the area to avoid getting harmed by any other child there who might not know that he must not touch the gun. A child who is at least three years old can already fire a gun.
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There are many kids who reside in homes with guns, especially when the family enjoys recreational hunting. If you have a gun in your home, you should properly educate your kids on conducting themselves safely and responsibly in the presence of the weapon. And take the following family safety rules: 1. Take the ammunition out. 2. Make sure the gun is locked and put it in a place your kids cannot reach (hiding is not enough). 3. Find another place where you can store the ammunition away from the gun, and be sure that it is locked. 4. Store the gun and ammunition keys away from your household keys, and keep them out of the kids’ reach. 5. Gun-cleaning supplies must be locked up as well as they can be poisonous. 6. Do not leave the gun unattended even for a few minutes while cleaning it. Give your local police a call (not 911 or any emergency center) if there is a gun you own or found in your home that would like to be disposed of. Different laws apply in different states, but in most cases, cops will investigate whether or not the firearm was used in a crime, and will then destroy it. There is another option, a program that brings unwanted guns to a certain place where they would be unusable. Call your local police department to ask about such a program.

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What Makes a Source of Africa News Worth Relying On Getting updates on the latest developments in a story you are interested in is very important. That is why you need to source your information from the best source. It is safe to describe a news source as fitting if it possesses all or most of the attributes highlighted in the following text. It is only after gathering and processing all the information pertaining to a particular story that the news source should publish it. Not observing that simple rule makes the content published incomplete and prejudiced. Reliable news sources always quote their sources by name or place links that will direct you to sites that contain the original information. The information you receive has to be exhaustive if it is to make sense to you. In such a case, you will simply move from site to site trying to find one that will fulfill your desire. A great online news source must have details that will leave your thirst for information quenched.
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Though comprehensive information is desired, it should also be brief in nature. Not many incidents will find you with sufficient time to go through information that contains points that are insignificant to you. As such, the definition of brevity for these purposes excludes excluding essential aspects of the news stories that are of interest to you.
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The reputation of your source of news matters a lot. In fact, some of the top news sources are so dependable that you will openly believe anything they report. If there are no reputable media houses to rely on; you may have to spend a lot of time going through stories from various sources in a bid to find the truth. A good news source is one that adheres to media ethics. Professionals in this trade have come up to form various organizations to govern the activities of their members. A search on the website of licensed media practitioners should give you the name of all news sources that you can rely on. A majority of the stories or content on the site of the news source has to be pertinent to you. It is vital that the focus of the media house be on issues that are of importance to you. A desirable news site is accessible in every respect. If it’s the website, there shouldn’t be issues trying to open pages. Also, reputable news providers provide their contact information for comments, discussions, and queries. If contacted, reliable media houses are those that respond promptly.